Before turning a lifelong hobby in to a career as a professional dog trainer in 2014, I spent 3 decades focused on meeting and exceeding standards in award winning careers while serving in the military, law enforcement and at a Fortune 500 global logistics company and helping others do the same in supervisory and management roles.

Like many trainers, dogs have always been a part of my life. A lifelong dog nerd, since picking up a leash in the early 90’s I’ve amassed and read thousands of books, travelled and learned from as many sources as possible, participated in dog sports, spent a month living at school for dog trainers and hold multiple certifications.

During the past decade in the pet industry and I've found success as a solopreneur consistently earning a six figure income, have been recognized as member of the year by one of the largest professional dog training associations on the planet, presented at conferences, have been interviewed by major pet industry magazines and guest appeared on podcasts and in courses.

I’ve also learned that being a professional and finding success is more than making money.
I gain personal satisfaction by leveraging the same strategies I’ve used to achieve success both personally and professionally to help others work, play and grow.






I came into the industry bringing decades of experience

from time the military, law enforcement, at university and in corporate America.

I had the drive and I crushed goals.

It consumed more and more of my time and I became more "dog trainer" and less "dad"... less "husband"... less "friend"...

less John.

This is currently an industry epidemic but not unique to pet professionals.

You see it in others like the military, law enforcement and in corporate environments...

ones I'm familiar with.

The wisdom is to just "grind more" and it'll all work out...

I never had the opportunity.


April 2018

I had a medical emergency that sidelined me off and on for most of the year.

I was forced to take a break.

I had a lot of time to think that year... to read... to learn... to reset and draw on all of my experiences to find the answers.

I returned full time later that year with a mission to focus on what matters and to use my experiences and the lessons learned to help my colleagues and my clients.

I currently serve as the Working Division lead for L.E.G.S. Applied Ethology & Family Dog Mediation.

In addition to helping my clients and other trainers, I have been recognized by major pet industry associations, served in multiple leadership positions, been able to work with politicians, been interviewed for major pet related magazines, presented to pet industry professionals, veterinarians, senior physicians and have worked on international rescue cases.

The approaches I teach... whether to humans or canines are backed by science and developed by leading mental health professionals, university academics and are currently standard in many professional industries.


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