Creating Your Mission and Vision Statement for Your Business, Career and Life

Nov 29, 2022

Many people go through their daily lives feeling overwhelmed.

There are so many things to do, dogs to deal with, clients to call back, email or message and there never seems to be enough time or energy to do them all. Is this how you feel about your business, career, or life?

Since it’s the end of the year we often promise ourselves that this month we are going to make some serious changes but often we just aren't sure what those changes need to be and many end up overwhelmed, suffering from "paralysis by analysis" and do little to nothing.

Let’s look at how to change that.

Creating an individual Vision and Mission statement is one of the first things I feel a coach should work on with a client.  It sets the stage for everything that follows and often alleviates confusion and wasted time or energy in daily life.

Here is your chance. Think about laying out a vision, but make it a big vision. One that encompasses your overall passion in working with dogs (or whatever you want to do). 

With your ‘big vision” roughly start at the 5+ year mark… and then move backwards. Do not limit yourself in where you want to be, write it down and work on a plan to get there.

These are the same steps I have personally used for over 3 decades in a few different fields and have used with others to help them make the changes in focus and habit that allow them to pursue their own goals and more importantly, get results. 

Without identifying and if needed changing your focus (Vision Statement) and habits (Mission Statement) you will never be able to change the results and the big goal will continue to just be that… a goal.

Coaching is about getting results; listening to what the client really wants and working together, setting out the measurable steps to be taken that result in action and success.

Individually you are responsible for the momentum. You can do it by yourself without help but even some of the best athletes, CEO’s and top performers have coaches. They choose to have the support, encouragement, guidance, and accountability that a coach provides. Without the forward momentum and inspired actions it's often just a good thought.

In order for your business to be successful, to be happy and fulfilled in your career, or prosperous and content in your life you need to have one common thread… a Vision.

The process of creation starts with a thought, a great idea, a passionate want, or a dream of something magnificent to achieve. These are the intangible sparks that ignite our drive to move forward and turn the intangible into our reality.

Begin by brainstorming on paper, yes write it down to bring clarity, and make it real.

The first brainstorming session should be free flowing, don't edit your thoughts or ideas. If you are working on both your personal vision and your work vision to define what you want and how you want to spend your time, start with the personal vision.  To often nowadays work and life merge so the goal will be to incorporate both into one if possible.

This will give you absolute clarity about what is important to you, what you want, what are the things in your life you are passionate about and that make you feel fulfilled. From there you can create the vision of your ideal business or career and take action to bring what you really want into your life.

Focus on what you really want, be very specific.

Don't just say you want lots of money, a nice home and no stress. Create a picture in your mind of exactly what you want down to the color of the building, schedule, etc and the list of clients, and then using words draw that picture until your vision is clear.

For example when I brainstorm on my five year plan it is to continue to build a profitable and fulfilling business where I help both pet owners and fellow pet professionals thrive.

I want to see clients in person, virtually and also have online resources.

Outside of work I plan on devoting time to my other interests like spending time with my family and friends hiking, gardening, and working my own dogs.

I will continue to surpass a six figure salary as a solopreneur and take vacations throughout the year.

I love to learn so I will invest in educational workshops and training programs to advance my career and myself.

I will continue to offer support services to my clients that fit into my personal and vision statement providing them excellent value and tools that help them work… play… and thrive.

I have created mine with a training space inside of an active veterinary office and one at home on property.  Our home is built around the outdoor activities my wife and I enjoy and focuses on gardening, self sustainability and raising a small flock of chickens.  Our kids are practically adults so they require a different type of support than when they were younger.  

I try to mitigate stress with a strong mindfulness practice and focusing my energy on the things that are really important to me like helping grow our industry, helping other pet professionals and try to just let the rest go (notice I said try… lets be real we all face that struggle sometimes).

It’s not woo-woo spooky magic, you actually create what you put your energy on.

Energy builds Focus... Focus builds motivation… which creates habit… which makes things happen… period.

If you concentrate on all the things you don't want, on all the things you don't have enough of, that is what you will create more of.

So start creating what you do want.

Go ahead and start with your vision; clearly lay out your life, career, and business vision. Then focus on your mission to help you take the steps to make your vision your reality (and cheap plug, one of the steps might include hiring a coach like me to make it happen faster for you).

What is a Vision and Mission statement?

A vision and mission statement is a statement that includes the details and creates and image of who you would like to be, what you would like to do, and what you would like to have in your career.
It defines your goals. It states your future and it reflects your own values, goals, and purpose.

Here’s an example:
“My vision is to be an honest, empathetic and impactful human and canine coach. I am committed to growing and delivering life changing programs to all of my clients… human and canine. I am committed to a work life balance that includes making time for my family and friends, being active and present.  My mission is to continue to better myself, grow my business, my relationships and collaborate with others to serve my fellow humans and the canines they care for.”

Let's Summarize How to Create a Mission and Vision for your Business, Career and Life

Regardless of if you are a solopreneur, work for a company you are still building your own personal brand and life complete with values, meaning, dreams and goals, whether personal or financial. People who achieve success are aware of this and use mission and vision statements throughout their journey. These statements allow us autonomy and when all is said and done is the real driving force behind our successes.
A clear mission and vision statement that includes both a personal and professional element is that guide for every stage of your career and life. These are the map that you can use to navigate life’s terrain.

Vision and mission statements are similar but have key differences.

A vision statement is your focus on the future and asks “where do I want to be and what does the future look like?” and allows you to create a mental image of what you want.

A mission statement focuses on the current activities needed to make the vision statement a reality. It details the daily activities that are the habits needed to day ion and day out allow you to achieve the Vision you stated.

Make each clear, concise, easily remembered and what you actually want.

Good Luck!!!



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